Moonday - Candle 190g


There is nothing like a candle in a room to comfort you. Let us tempt you with our environmentally friendly scents inspired by nature. 45 hours of pure pleasure!


Made with soy wax, toxin free, not tested on animals and phthalate free. The cotton wicks are of the highest quality to ensure a safe flame. The essential oils and fragrances in our candles are all paraben and phthalate free.


Let your candle burn only 2hours at a time (or when the entire surface is melted), you maximize your usage time. Remember to cut the wick at 1/4'' before each use.

Lavender Dream


Wake up to a field filled with this delicious scent. You're not dreaming anymore. Take a break from your work and breathe in, the scent will transport you to wonderland. Anxiety and nervousness quietly leave your body.

Accompanied by dry lavender and a small white Quartz.

Perfume: Lavender

Green Tea & Pear


Soothing and delicate, this candle is a sweet and relaxing balance. As much as you will want to be rocked by this candle, your desire to eat it will catch up with you. It definitely leaves no one indifferent.

Scent: Green tea and pear

Flower Market


Any day is a perfect occasion to give yourself flowers. A sweet blend of magnolias, lilacs & jasmine perfect for romanticizing your everyday life. The flower market right in your home!

Fragrance: Magnolias, Lilacs & Jasmine

Artic Breeze


Sit by a window with a little hot chocolate or coffee and watch the snowflakes fall from the sky like magic. The smell of this candle will soothe and comfort you. Its freshness reminds us of cold weather and its softness reminds us to take a break. This one is coated with a white quartz reminding us of glaciers and greenery that makes us travel in our beautiful Canadian forests.

Fragrance: Eucalyptus and Lavender

Book Club


Book club is the candle you light before diving into your novel of the moment. Put on your "chill vibes" playlist and enjoy this moment when you enter a literary universe. The woodsy, smoky smell will transport you to a little New York bookstore worthy of Taylor Swift's short film All to Well.♡

Scent: Leaves and Tobacco

Boyfriend Sweater


To all my single friends who want to take care of themselves without a lover. Here is a candle that will light up something inside you. It could manifest as a warm hug to your soul, a desire to steal a sweater or a memory of your high school crush. Imagine this scenario: a cozy sweater, some hot chocolate, the perfect candle and a good Christmas movie (like Harry Potter).

Scent: Bergamot and Magnolia

Rain Harvest


Whether you're in a coffee shop, a darkened library, or at home under your blanket watching a movie, this candle will remind you of a perfect rainy day. The smell of rain hitting a moss covered forest is what we captured in a jar. You'll feel like you're in the arms of Mother Nature.

Scent: Forest and Rain

Maple Paradise


The room quietly transforms into a sugar shack. The laughter and family of a good spring memory. A little maple paradise. ''Can I eat the candle?'' Very rich and sweet.

Scent: Maple

Passion Cocooning


Have you ever smelled a perfect scent blend? We have.

It's like walking into a rose garden with a vanilla cake in your hands. This candle is perfect to accompany you during your long baths while listening to the Bridgerton series. It will transport you back to that time.

Fragrance: Vanilla and Rose

Sweet Chai Latte


'Tis the season for knitting and hot drinks! We love lattes, but especially chai lattes! Get cozy, light your candle and binge Gilmore girl (order take out of course ;) ).This candle has everything to please. It is sweet, spicy, complex, comforting and warm. It's just perfect. Just like you are.

Scent: Chai, Cinnamon and Vanilla

Good Morning


Childhood memories in a candle. A sweet blend of lemon, lime and berry. *Beware sensitive people, nostalgia may take hold of you. Did someone say froot loops? Good morning!

Scent: Cereal and Lemon

Cherry Christmas


Whether you've been good or naughty this year, we're letting you enjoy this holiday classic, chocolate covered cherry! A comforting aroma of cherry cream complemented by the delicious richness of chocolate. A guilty pleasure without the guilt.

Flavor: Cherry and Chocolate

Give Me a Break


Sitting at your desk, surrounded by the sounds of everyday life, you dream of warm, fun days. Do you need a break?
This sweet and gentle candle will take you on a journey for a moment. Inhale coconuts, palm trees, lime cocktails, sunshine and let go of all the stress you've accumulated. You deserve this break.
A coconut-lime candle is just what you need for those gray days. Just sit back, mute your zoom and enjoy!

Scent: Coconut and Lime

But first, Laundry


This is the perfect candle to convince you that you have "your SH🤫 T together"! Whether your room is a complete mess or your desk is covered in leftover coffee and dirty dishes, this grapefruit and clean cotton candle will fool EVERYONE. You can do it! Only a few more meetings zoom before you put your brain and phone in HOLIDAY mode!

Scent: Grapefruit and Cotton

Sugar Rush


We all have that sweet person who gives us energy like a bag of gummy bears. You give me a sugar rush is that same feeling: butterflies in the stomach, the feeling of experiencing something new and exciting. Disclaimer: we are not responsible for the sugar rush this candle may cause.

Scent: Candy

Fruit Market


Rumor has it that Moonday has managed to create the perfect blend of sweet and sweet. The raspberry and peach scent is as strong as the peanut butter and jelly duo ;) This candle will make you want to raid the popsicle fridges at the grocery store!

Fragrance: Raspberry and Peach

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