MEYEUR - Parle, parle, jase, jase 2


45 new questions for the 2nd edition PARLE PARLE PARLE JASE JASE!

A conversation game to gather, discover and connect.

The people around you are precious. Take the time to gather them, chat with them, rediscover them, deepen your connections. PARLE PARLE, JASE JASE is a conversation tool to help you anchor yourself in the present moment.

Bring PARLE PARLE, JASE JASE along on your next roadtrip, fireside party or outing with friends.

Light and entertaining, as well as interesting and caring, it'll do you good. You'll feel right at home playing with everyone around you, from your in-laws to your colleagues or your first "date", because the questions won't make you feel uncomfortable - on the contrary, they're designed to arouse positive emotions.

100% designed and made in Quebec.

Includes 45 question cards and instruction booklet.

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