Forest Lili

Honey Skin Mask


60g - 12 applications

This mask leaves your skin radiant and restores your natural glow. Contains powerful antibacterial properties. It fights inflammation and speeds up the healing of acne sores.

Essential ingredients:

Raw Organic Centaury Honey is gentle enough to soothe inflamed skin. And strong enough to deliver powerful cleansing (antibacterial and antifungal properties). Centaury flower has cleansing properties that help penetrate deep into pores. Cinnamon destroys acne-causing bacteria and reduces redness. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Recommended skin type:

Dry, oily, mixed and acneic

How to use :

Apply a teaspoon size to clean skin for 15 minutes and rinse. Repeat the process two to three times a week.

*Because honey is a humectant, remember that you should only cover your skin with a thin layer.

Two Gaspé sisters, Linda and Moukda, harvest the honey from their hives by hand to create products that respect bees and our skin. They go well with the blooms that change with the seasons. Considering that the bee will directly draw the nectar from a specific type of flower, the properties of the flowers are even better felt than in an infused honey. Each type of flower will bring different benefits, colors, textures and properties to each honey.

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