Dimanche matin

Duo Montagne Candles


Duo Montagne is for weekenders; for those who love weekends spent escaping, climbing mountains, building campfires, getting red in the cheeks, breathing fresh air, eating noodles in a pan on the wood stove, running the dog in the field, taking walks and rising with the sun. It's for fans of fresh air, wide open spaces and woodsy fragrances.


  • one candle SapinBlanc - 8 oz
  • one candle Palo Santo - 8 oz
  • Gift box with and personalized label (value of 5$)


Dimanche matin candles are all made with soy wax and are vegan. Unlike kerosene wax (derived from petroleum), soy wax has a low, slow, non-toxic burn and comes from a renewable, biodegradable source.

Paraben-free, phthalate-free.
Complies withIFRA standards.

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