Dimanche matin

Sunday Morning - Les BotaniquesCandle



Notes: Orange, Ginger, Hyacinth

Initially, this was Dimanche Matin's anniversary candle-reminiscent of a festive brunch, washed down with fresh orange juice and bubbles! It was such a hit, they decided to keep it, and it quickly became a favorite. It will transport you to an orange grove on a summer's morning, bathed in sunlight.


Notes: Peony, Tea leaf, Tonka

The sweetest candle in this collection. It takes us straight back to a wildflower garden at the end of the day, with the sun's rays making their way through the tall tree branches. The scent was created by a perfumer in Grasse, France.

Rose Coco

Notes: Rose, Coconut water, Litchi

The notes of this candle give off a very delicate fragrance. Rose is present but subtle, as is coconut, making for a perfectly balanced blend. The candle's fragrance was created by a perfumer in Grasse, France.

Hand-poured in Quebec
8.5 oz

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