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Our Chaga


Our chaga comes from Quebec sustainable sources. It is lovingly harvested by Derik, one of our team members who operates Nomad coffee and juice bar.

Medicinal fungi offer healing, nourishing and stimulating properties for health. The chaga is part of this family. It is known for its highly antioxidant properties and to stimulate the immune system.

Chaga grows on white and yellow birch throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It has been renowned for hundreds, if not thousands of years, in China, Siberia and among First Nations peoples in North America.

  • Immunomodulatory properties
  • Used as a beauty tonic for the skin due to its high melanin content
  • Improves gut health
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Prevents and fights cancer
  • Caffeine free

Used as a coffee substitute or combined with coffee, chaga does not stimulate you, it promotes natural energy and strengthens resilience to stress.

How to prepare it?

We offer it to you in dried whole pieces and offer you to make lots of tea that can last you all day.

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